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Emerald Cove - Audiobooks

Emerald Cove - Audiobooks

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Get FIVE AUDIOBOOKS in this incredible deal. FORTY HOURS of listening pleasure.
10,000+ five-star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

Main Tropes

  • Divorce
  • Going home
  • Small town
  • Handsome contractor
  • Women's friendship
  • Family relationships


Cottage on Oceanview Lane

★★★★★ “I was looking for some light reading and boy, I hit the jackpot!” -Reviewer

When a renowned book editor returns to her roots, she rediscovers her strength & her passion in this heartwarming novel from the author of The Waratah Inn.

Sarah Flannigan is moving home to the small, beachside hamlet of Emerald Cove. After years in the city building a career as an editor at one of the top publishing houses in the country, she’s uprooting her life to help her mother run the family cafe after the divorce.

Cindy Flannigan never thought she’d find herself single and alone in her sixties, but when her husband runs off with a younger woman, she uncovers secret debts he’s accumulated that will leave her in dire financial straits for the first time in her life. She calls on her eldest child to help and is delightfully surprised when her daughter moves home to the Cove. But concerns for her daughter's future happiness soon mar the reunion.

Newlywed Meg has always wanted a family to love, so when she and Brad spend their honeymoon in Hawaii it seems like a dream come true. What happens next will change their lives forever.

Visit beautiful Emerald Cove where a delightful ensemble cast of characters will warm your heart as you follow along with the ups and downs of their lives in this small beachside town.

Chapter One Look Inside

She'd been raised in Emerald Cove, moved with her parents to Port Macquarie when she was sixteen, then left home the very first moment she could manage it after dropping out of school. She’d hated it there, in large part because she’d left her friends behind in the Cove, and the fighting between her mother and father had become unbearable. She hitched a ride back to Emerald Cove with a family friend and landed a hairdressing apprenticeship at one of only two salons in town soon after. She’d lived a quiet life since.

Brad had changed all of that.

Nothing about her life was quiet any longer. She travelled the world to watch him surf. Her life was filled with the laughter and buzz of his friends and family. Even her boss had wondered out loud whether she'd continue working at the salon after they were married. Brad told her she didn't need to keep working; his competition earnings were increasing with every event. The two of them would be able to live a good life together on what he made; she could quit and come out on the road with him full-time.

But things in her life had changed so quickly she'd decided to hold onto her job for now and only travel with Brad when her schedule allowed. She wasn't sure she was ready to change everything all at once. But maybe next year…

The announcer's voice caught her attention. It was Brad; he was riding a wave. She focused on the small figure in the distance, determined not to miss it this time. He stood on his board at the crest of the wave. Her heart skipped a beat. The wave was enormous. The water seemed to stall for a moment in its descent, then curled behind Brad as he slid down its smooth face.

He amazed her. She could never do something like that. Even just watching, it sent her heart into her throat. It was terrifying, the amount of water that pursued him down the wave. He curved his board this way, then that, even as she clenched her hands into fists at her sides. No, don't do that, she begged him in silence. The wave was too big; he didn't have time for tricks or moves, just had to get to the bottom and out of the way of the curling water. The lip of the wave curved, wide, thick and falling rapidly.

As it fell, it enveloped Brad. She couldn't see him at all. A gasp rushed through the crowd. When the sound reached her, her breath caught in her throat and her skin was instantly covered in a clammy film of sweat.

The announcer paused, then continued his rambling as the crowd waited with a collectively held breath for Brad to emerge from the remnants of the spent wave.

Meg lurched to her feet and stood there, frozen in place, her hands still fisted, her heart thundering.

"Come on, let's go." Alice rushed over and grabbed Meg by the hand, the toddler planted firmly on one hip. "We've got to go and make sure he's okay."

Meg couldn't speak. Her tongue was stuck to the roof of her mouth. She only nodded and ran in step beside Alice as the woman tugged her along by the hand down the beach.


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