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The Wedding Dress

The Wedding Dress

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Eight foster sisters, eight brides. One dress they will never forget. From USA Today bestselling author, Lilly Mirren, comes a heartwarming new read!

Amelia has always had a hard life — parents who couldn’t raise her, a string of foster families and siblings she rarely sees. But when her favourite foster mother dies, she’ll finally get the chance to know her seven sisters better. An accident leaves her life in ruins — will her sisters be there for her when she needs them most?

Jack’s hard work always seems as though it’s about to pay off, until it doesn’t, and he finds himself once again at the bottom of the pile. A new career direction gives him a chance to start again, when he meets a woman who has no hope. He finds purpose in helping her rediscover meaning during the most challenging season she’s ever faced. 

Beautifully moving and romantic, this series follows eight foster sisters as they navigate life and love after losing their foster mother. Unforgettable love stories you won’t be able to put down.

Fall in love with Amelia and Jack in “The Wedding Dress."


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